• DDSY1532 (LCD communication) Single-phase electronic prepayment energy meter
  • DDSY1532 (LCD communication) Single-phase electronic prepayment energy meter

DDSY1532 (LCD communication) Single-phase electronic prepayment energy meter


DDSY1532 Single-phase electronic prepayment energy meter (LCD single-phase energy meter). It is mainly suitable for single-phase residential users who implement the power supply system of paying first and then using electricity, and can realize a new generation of multi-functional products such as electric energy metering, electricity pre-purchase, intelligent charge control of maximum load limit, anti-theft management, and comprehensive management of user information. The electric energy meter is an ideal electric energy metering product for the current reform of the electricity system, the realization of electric energy commercialization, the solution of charging difficulties, the promotion of rational electricity consumption, and the saving of electricity.

  • DDSY1532 (LCD communication) Single-phase electronic prepayment energy meter

Main functions and features

  1. Single-phase active positive and negative metering function, the number of digits displayed is 8 digits (6+2),
  2. Overload protection. If the load exceeds the set value, the alarm symbol flashes on the LCD. The energy meter will automatically close after a period of time,
  3. When the remaining power reaches the pre-alarm power, the LCD flashes to display the remaining power to prompt the user to enter a new power purchase, and executes the brake alarm, and the user can temporarily restore the power supply by inserting the card,
  4. If the load power is continuously greater than the upper limit of the allowable power (the factory setting is generally 10kw) for 1 minute, the automatic trip alarm, the LCD display is "OFF--P", and the automatic closing will be after 5 minutes,
  5. In the event of a power failure, the data will be automatically saved, and the data will be automatically restored after power-on, and RS485 communication can be extended to realize the function of remote centralized meter reading,
  6. Computer + special IC card reader + charging management software constitute the electricity sales management system,
     7.Standard IC card hardware encryption pre-charge, the power supply department to sell electricity cards (IC cards) to sell electricity in advance, users buy first and then use one meter and one card independently.

Main technical parameters


Technical Indicators

Accuracy rating

Merit Grade 1 Grade 2

Voltage specifications


Current Specifications

1.5 (6) A  5-20A 10-40A 15-60A 20-80A 30-100A Other specifications customized

Reference frequency


operating voltage range

Specified operating voltage range: 0.9Un~1.1Un

Extended operating voltage range: 0.8Un~1.2Un

Operating temperature range

Specified operating temperature range: -25℃~+55℃

Extreme operating temperature range: -40℃~+70℃

Power consumption

Approx. 1.5W




GB/T17215.321-2008 GB/T18460.3-2001 DL/T645-2007

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